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Ezekiel Part 2-CD-Lectures-Kay (Lesson 4 w/David)

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Precept Upon Precept Inductive Studies . . . Ezekiel Part 2 - When My Sanctuary Is in Their Midst Forever - CD Lectures - Kay Arthur- (chapters 33-48) (7 lessons) - The watchman speaks hope from the Lord. God will seek the lost, bring back the scattered, bind up the broken and strengthen the sick. He will set over them one Shepherd and He will feed them Himself. Then they will know that He is the Lord and they are His people. (Approx. 60- minute audio CD programs, but lengths vary so see individual CDs for length.) (7 CDs, one lesson per CD.) (Lesson 4 is taught by David Arthur for Kay in Kay's Lecture Set) Cut: 2012; Edited: 2012 [Product number: 15047]

Lecturer: Kay Arthur

  • Lesson 1 For Want of a Watchman, For Want of a Shepherd
  • Lesson 2 An End Is Coming. What Will It Be Like?
  • Lesson 3 Understanding Israel's History
  • Lesson 4 Gog Gets His Due! (David Arthur is the teacher for this lesson)
  • Lesson 5 God's Love Song for Israel
  • Lesson 6 Israel's Salvation
  • Lesson 7 The Lord IS There!


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