Jeremiah Part 2 - Precept Upon Precept Lecture Series

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Jeremiah Part 2 - Precept Upon Precept Lecture Series

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Precept Upon Precept  Inductive Studies. . . Jeremiah Part 2 - When God's Judgment Finally Comes (8 lessons) (chapters 25 -52) - Lecture Set on CD, DVD or MP3 (Kay Arthur or David Arthur) - Jeremiah Part 2 covers chapters 25-52 and continues Precept's Inductive Bible Study of God's Word to His people through the Prophets. Learn what God's message was to a rebellious Judah as Babylonian exile loomed. (Lesson 4 is taught by David Arthur for Kay in Kay's Lecture Set.) Produced: 2009. 


(Lectures are approximately 60-minutes but lengths vary, so see individual CD, DVD, or MP3 file for length. CDs and DVDs are sold in sets of 8 disks, 1 lesson per disk.  MP3s sold individually, or in sets of 8 lessons with 1 lesson per file.)




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Lecturer: David Arthur

  • Lesson 1 - A Serious Message for Serious Times

  • Lesson 2 - It Really Matters Who You Listen To!

  • Lesson 3 - What Kind of Deal Do You Have with God?

  • Lesson 4 - Is Anything too Difficult for God?

  • Lesson 5 - Listen!  A Survey of Jeremiah

  • Lesson 6 - Don't Go Back to Egypt!

  • Lesson 7 - What Is God's Plan for the Nations?

  • Lesson 8 - Depressing Book.  Any Hope?



 Lecturer: Kay Arthur

  • Lesson 1 - The Lord's Controversy With the Nations

  • Lesson 2 - What Does God Say About Those Who Prophesy Lies?

  • Lesson 3 - There Is An Again; a Way to Recover,

  • Lesson 4 - Is Anything too Difficult for God? (David Arthur)

  • Lesson 5 - Taking A Stand For Truth, Righteousness, Justice...

  • Lesson 6 - Who Will You Fear - Man or God?

  • Lesson 7 - What Are You Seeking In These Days of Judgment?

  • Lesson 8 - Babylon Versus Jerusalem



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